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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Bring the intrigue of the lost Netherese empire to the forefront with this all-inclusive supplement about those trying to keep it lost: the Cult of the Shattered Peak.

This 34-page Rime of the Frostmaiden add-on brings to life a cunning network of cultists that run clandestine operations in plain view throughout Faerûn. As players delve into the secrets of the black obelisks and the remnants of the ancient empire Netheril, the descendents of Netheril will stop at nothing to ascertain that the ancient empire’s secrets are never uncovered—even if that means pressing blade and spell to your party’s throats…

…or, perhaps, entice them to the cult’s side.

In this supplement, you’ll find everything you need to integrate the Cult of the Shattered Peak seamlessly into your Icewind Dale campaign, including:

  • A thorough history and overview of the cult.

  • Subclasses, a background, a feat, and a group patron—for parties more daring than others.

  • A chapter-by-chapter guide to using the cult in Rime of the Frostmaiden.

  • 6 NPCs, including stat blocks, roleplaying tips, and history.

  • 3 new spells, including ones to combat spellcasters and magic.

  • 5 new magic items.

Faerûn survived the height of Netheril’s hubris once, but can it survive it again?

The Cult of the Shattered Peak creates a dynamic, expansive way to draw the party into Netheril’s history and explore the consequences of that great power. Whether as enemies, allies, or a tense combination of the two, the cult is a vital addition to any game delving into that history, and this supplement provides everything needed to naturally introduce them.

Icewind Dale: Cult of the Shattered PeakPrice: $6.95