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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This adventure is meant to be as setting agnostic as possible. That being said, it will not make sense unless your setting has the following:

Wizards. There are key wizard characters in this adventure. They are academically focused, and make a living researching oozes. 

Oozes. The base plot is about oozes gaining intelligence, so it is a hard requirement that oozes exist in your setting and that they are not intelligent creatures normally.

This adventure is meant for 4-6 level 5 player characters. Diplomacy is an intended option, and though difficult, it should be possible to get through the entire adventure without fighting anything. If you are familiar with stat blocks in the Monster Manual, one key difference is that the HP values are given in ranges rather than the average. This is so that you can set the health values of the various enemies to best suit the party.

The plot of this adventure can resolve in a couple different ways that could potentially have a large impact on the rest of your setting. A new ooze society could be formed, which could easily disrupt the local area ecology and/or political landscape. Furthermore, the wizard Modoon is working to establish a symbiotic relationship between oozes and humanoids which, if successful, means that oozes would become more common throughout the civilized world

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