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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Half-Giant Lineage + Feats

Within this compendium, you will find:

A brand new Lineage, the Half-Giant;
6 ancestries for this heritage, each complete with unique mechanics and abilities;
13 feats for this new lineage and its ancestries. These feats can alternatively be used as special feats for characters linked to giants, or even taught by giants to PCs befriending them.

Half-Giants are powerful and imposing beings, born from the union of a giant and a humanoid. Standing between 7 and 9 feet tall, they inherit their giant ancestors’ incredible strength and resilience, while retaining some traits from their humanoid lineage. Half-Giants can belong to various subraces, each reflecting the heritage of a different giant type. These diverse subraces grant them distinct resistances and enhanced versions of their signature abilities.

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DMSlash’s Everything [BUNDLE]

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