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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Khorvaire is a land of many stories. With most of modern history focused on the squabbling of the Wynarn family and the Five Nations they rule, it is easy to forget that there are other stories… Stories of conflicts much older, and with much higher stakes…”

GRADUATION DAY is the first in a series of Eberron titles that let adventurers explore the wonders and dangers that dwell at the edges of the map. It is a 4 hour adventure that takes place in the Demon Wastes and serves as an introduction to the Ghaash’kala (“Ghost Guardians”) and their war against the Lords of Dust. 

Though designed to be run as a one-shot with the included pre-generated characters, this adventure includes guidance on how to easily adapt it to be part of a larger campaign.

This title includes:

  • A 4 hour adventure set in the Demon Wastes
  • 8 pre-generated Eberron characters
  • A new magic item utilizing the magic tattoo rules from Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything
  • Creature stat blocks for every encounter, including some created for this adventure
  • 10 exciting optional encounters which can flesh out this adventure or be inserted into any campaign
  • A glossary of useful lore for creatures and locations mentioned in the adventure
  • High quality, printer friendly encounter maps. VTT optimized, full-color versions of the maps can be found here

Adam M. Fulmer (Author) is a professional stage manager specializing in theatre and opera. When not delving dungeons, he lives in Kansas City with his partner Stephanie and their three adorable fur babies: Nymeria, Perrin, and Susannah. He is a proud member of the American Guild of Musical Artists and Actors’ Equity Association.

Pete Cotton (Editor/Graphic Designer) is a silver best-selling DMs Guild creator and lover of all things D&D. He also enjoys computer games, indie music, and long walks through a fiend-infested wasteland. Pete currently resides in central PA with his wife and their Welsh corgi, Einstein.

Kelli Harrod (Artist/Cartographer) is a designer and artist of all variety of narrative worlds. Although primarily focused in the theatre arts, she loves playing and creating maps and art for Dungeons & Dragons.

Graduation DayPrice: $4.95