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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Gold for Fools and Princes” is a tale of intrigue and political struggle set in the gold-rich Sensa Empire, one of the Radiant Citadel civilisations. Save time finding maps and stat blocks and remembering NPCs with the handy DMs Pack! The pack contains

a single-page reference version of the Radiant Citadel adventure “Gold for Fools and Princes;” (handy to print)
advice on running the adventure;
NPC profiles of Prince Simbon, Prince Kirina, High Priest Kamal Kadjou and Overseer Uzoma; 
an original map of the city of Anisa; 
a original battle map of the central square; 
a coloured version of the Goldwarren map contained in the adventure; (including practical joke miner legs)
 and all the stat blocks you need to run the adventures. 
Maps are also provided as separate digital files, and battle maps come in gridded, ungridded, and black-and-white versions.

You will need your own copy of Journeys Through the Radiant Citadel.

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