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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Gobledogs are sickly, deformed creatures with dark grey fur that often seems matted and patchy. Their most peculiar feature is the sheer number of teeth they possess, far more than could comfortably fit in their mouths. As a result, some of these teeth jut out at odd angles, creating a menacing and grotesque visage. Many Gobledogs are tailless, a genetic quirk that causes their tails to fall off, leaving only a stub or nothing at all.

These creatures have a unique relationship with goblins, especially those from the Cragmaw tribe. Goblins of the Cragmaw tribe favor Gobledogs as their preferred pets and hunting companions. They use Gobledogs both as guards for their hideouts and as tools for hunting and ambushing travellers. When a Gobledog dies, goblins ensure that none of it goes to waste. They consume the flesh, add their teeth to arrows, and craft weapons and other trinkets from their bones.

If you are running ‘Lost Mine of Phandelver’ for a group of experience players, use this stat block in place of the standard Wolf Stat Block to surprise your players.  You may even like to swap out the odd Goblin for a Gobledog or two

Included in this PDF:

Unique Stat Block for Gobledogs, as well as background into their sordid creation.
VTT token suitable for Roll20 and Fantasy Grounds.
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