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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A story about a heroes legacy, a plea for help and plot for revenge.


Our adventures receive a letter with a plead for help 


Hello dear friends. I hope you are all well. 

I’m writing to you because I need your help. It has come to my attention that the bandit leader, Temas, whom we defeated six months ago, has relatives. One of these has been seen several times near my house outside Marsember. When one of my servants confronted the bandit, he made no secret of why he was in town. Revenge. When I wrote to my servant who was keeping an eye on the house in Highmoon, she let me know that they had not seen anything suspicious.

I know I should not bother you. But this person scares me. I beg you to come and see me in my house at Marsember. 

/Your friend Mira 


To the adventure, there is a beautiful detailed map, made by Mikaels maps. 


This adventure contains

  • 1 short adventure.  
  • 1 Map over Cormyr, and Lake of Dragons. The map are extremely detailed and these types of maps will be the main source for a few adventures. Size (4370 x 3087). 
  • Same map as above. No text 
  • Same map as above. Winter. 
  • 1 Scene map over the area of Miras house 
  • 1 scene map over the bandit camp 

From the past 2 - Vengeance is ourPrice: $8.00