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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In the mining village of Amberhill, local legends tell of a long lost dwarven clanhold lying in wait deep in the Gold Valley. It is said that it hosts a cache of fantastic and wondrous items. But when a group of young adventurers go missing on their excursion, a real hero is called upon to investigate the truth behind the rumors and myths. 

Forged in Blood & Gold is a short D&D 5e solo adventure for 1 player and no DM. It is a classic style dungeoncrawl with a focus on combat and challenge and some exploration. You have opportunities to collect magic items that can help you later on in the adventure but you also have to keep an eye on your hit points and spell slots as the challenge here is not just on indvidual combats but also on managing your resources – you are given a limited number of rests to finish the goal.

The pdf entries are hyperlinked for easy navigation and each combat includes a battlemap which can be printed or used with VTTs. The descriptions are brief and straightforward and the adventure is easy to follow with the focus being a short and fun dungeoncrawl to play when you feel like it. The quest can be completed within 2 hours and works great for players who can’t find a group, forever DMs, or anyone who craves rolling dice. 

Duration: 2 hours

Length: 24 pages

Characters: Either 1 level 5 character or 2 level 3 characters.

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