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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Fog on the Pergola

An adventure for 5th – 7th level characters

Since the beginning of the last dark moon, strange, twisted creatures have begun to roam Anderwych’s streets. Lurking in small groups throughout the shadows of darkened alleyways and badly-lit dead ends, they seem to appear randomly and at any moment. Slowly growing in number and thriving in chaos, they attack anyone who approaches, completely eschewing tactics or sense. Many members of the local watch have been gravely injured or killed in these skirmishes, leaving the residents of Anderwych frightened and bewildered. Rumours have begun to surface that these creatures are in fact devils, some engulfed in flame, others in disguise, and say that their appearance is marked by the sudden stench of sulphur as a portal the colour of blood rips open the very fabric of the Material Plane.

After an emergency meeting of the town council, the mayor has placed the entire town under a curfew and has given the responsibility of thwarting this infestation to the local temple of Ilmater. The temple has put out a call for a group of capable adventurers to accompany and protect one of their scholars on a mission to find and activate an ancient celestial protection ward, said to be hidden deep within an overgrown, maze-like private garden that stands all but forgotten at the edge of the city.

Fog on the PergolaPrice: $1.99