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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

5 tall, green stones encircle a dark sinkhole in the snow. the title,

These five green stones, the last remnants of the great frost giant city of Karffbadh, lie in the frozen wilds of Icewind Dale.

Five Stones is an approximately 4 hour adventure for characters of 5th-8th level, that can be added into an Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden campaign, or be used on its own.

Five Stones explores the ruins of the ancient frost giant city of Karffbadh. Five green standing stones are all that remain of the city, guarded by an orc. Legends tell of the magic that the stones once posessed, but now their magic falters. Does the orc know the power the site once held, or is there something else he’s guarding?

In this product you’ll find:

  • A reimagining of a mysterious ruin in the Sea of Moving Ice
  • New creatures
  • Digital maps for each area
  • A printer friendly verison (with and without art)

Five StonesPrice: $2.95