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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Dragons in Fifth Edition are hardly pushovers. Their breath weapons deal very high damage for their Challenge Rating, and their flight can be a real hassle for players to deal with. They are also very simple to run. While this is a feature for new Dungeon Masters, more experienced ones may find themselves wanting more. They want a little more juice in their climactic dragon boss battle. This is that juice.

Dragons are the ultimate fantasy creature. They are huge, smart, cunning, strong, and greedy. All good adventuring parties should aspire to kill one and take its stuff. I’ve never run a campaign without a dragon. When a party fights one, it shouldn’t be another battle. It should be an event. They should be afraid before the fight, terrified of all it might do to them. They should hear legends of the dragon’s destructive power before the fight even starts. These revamped dragons support this narrative and the cinematic nature of a climactic battle. If your players battle one of these dragons, they will remember it with sweaty palms and shaking legs.

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