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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Janalus Panar used to be well-respected fighter until he was bitten by a wererat and was turned into a lycantroph. As a wererat, he became known as Janocus, the Brutal, until his curse was lifted by a group of druids after one of his brutal raids. 

Now, nearly fifty years later, Janalus has lived a life as an outsider and had been hunted by dozens of adventurers, seeking for revenge for his deeds. But as he found a crying child that has just lost her parents, he found a new purpose in his life. Find the relatives of this child and bring her back to safety.

But in doing so, he has to face the consequences of his past. Can you trust someone with a troubled past or do you help him find redemption?

Enjoy this adventure about guilt, redemption and wererats, located in a small town near Triboar and Phandalin, named Phandomar in a one-shot adventure that could be also included in starter campaigns such as Lost Mine of Phandelver or Dragon of Icespire Peak.

Final ContactPrice: $3.50