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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The Burglar has hit a bit of a snag.

He recently stole a book from a wizard’s laboratory. The book began to speak to him. It began to convince The Burglar that he could become a powerful mage ‘with guidance’. The Burglar, under the charm of this strange tome, began to fortify his new mansion with all sorts of traps and puzzles to keep out anyone that might steal this book from him.

It is the job of the adventurers to retrieve the possessed tome. Preferably without being possessed themselves.

Burglar Beguiled is a low-level adventure designed for all ages. This tale is full of puzzles and traps. It’s a great way of teaching new and young players about skills and skill checks, and reminds even the most experienced players that even those that seem like villains are not always the bad guy.

This adventure is set up for a party of four level 3 characters, with guidance on how to scale the challenge up and down. The main adventure is designed to last 2-4 hours, but if your players explore every problem and puzzle, the fun could easily last longer.

Ideal for any campaign setting.

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