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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

The powers of the outerplanes influence us in many ways. To most folk the influence is minor, though to the inspired it is otherwise. To adventurers those influences are real and powerful. To the Bard these powers bring new and strange inspirations that unlock incredible powers beyond imagining. Look here and you will find 4 such powers at your disposal.

The College of Promises: Learn from the best and make binding deals the best of devils, make sure you choose your words correctly and say only the best lies.

The College of Divine Messengers: Learn from the most holy of beings and become a hero in the eyes of your comrades as you come to save them just at the last moment.

The College of Absolutes: Control the flow of magic on the battlefield as you choose what spells are and are not cast with absolute certainty.

The College of the Unreal: Craft illusions with such clarity and perfect form that you blur the line between what can and cannot be truly real.

Four Bard Subclasses, each including a table of how your Bard became a part of this college.

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ExtraPlanar Powers; The BardPrice: $3.95