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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

As the tall grass grows dark during the late summer season, there is unrest growing. The party will happen on a herd of centaurs who prepare its migration for winter. Soon discovering that something has struck the shaman ill and catatonic, the party’s help is needed. Fearing that the tribe’s control will shift into the wrong hands, a young centaur named Sleipnir is forced to act. A race against time to solve the mystery that has ensnared poor Edda in the Lost Heart.

  • An adventure for 4-6 players of 1st or 2nd level that includes five new monsters/NPCs and three new magic items.

  •  This adventure also includes a playable sidekick with two different archetypes with multiple levels of details to level up along with the characters during regular play.

  • This adventure can be dropped in and used as an extra side plot in just about any setting.

Ensnared in The Lost HeartPrice: $4.95