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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Elemental weapons is a set of ten elemental themed weapons based on the 10 types of elemental damage in 5th edition and optional rules to give greater use to gems in making and buying elemental magical items.

Lisa cursed as the demon shrunk back into the shadows, about to turn back invisible on its next turn. At level 3 her party was low on spell slots and even lower on hit points and there wasn’t much your standard fighter could do when there was no one visible to hit. 

“Your turn Lisa.” God’s voice spoke out across the papers and snacks.

… Lucky she wasn’t your standard fighter then. “Shine!” She called, raising her Dawn Light longsword high as it erupted in light. She’d done well saving this power for now.

Now the demon was never going to hide from her again.

Elemental weapons are designed to be cool, thematic weapons to equip your players and villains alike, with once a day powers and command words to give cinematic moments without the threat of constant power creep. These weapons are able to be given to players at lower levels without overly breaking their damage outputs or creatures magical resistances, as well as be added to +1 or higher weapons to add flare and utility to cool magic items. The elemental gems table and elemental enchantments optional rule also allow greater creative use of the gems given as treasure rewards in the DMG (rather than their simple gold cost) to make or buy elemental magical items.

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