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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Eberron Realty Company Logo

Ready for your next business venture? Need a base of operations for your adventuring party? Eberron Realty Company is proud to present this massive factory warehouse located in the Eastway Ward in Fairhaven. Formerly owned by the Gravemore Textiles Company, this nearly 29,000 square foot structure features a full basement, fully furnished ground floor, and an upper level functioning as an observation mezzanine. Ready for you to build to suit!

Map preview tiles

This battle map pack includes six highly detailed maps showing day and night versions of all three levels. (Basement, ground floor, and upper mezzanine.) Map images are .png files approximately 4500 x 5800 pixels at 96 DPI.

Eberron Realty Company: Factory Warehouse Battle MapPrice: $3.99