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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Eberron: Lights from the Ashes is an Adventure for level 10 that will take you and your players on a journey through the ruins of the ancient kingdom of Cyre to the depths of The Mournland. The adventure involves political tensions following the events of The Last War, the moral objection of some legendary NPCs to Karnath’s decision to use armies of soulless zombies, the discovery of a solid (mineral) form of gas known as Gray Mist, the existence of known religious sects and new ones, as well as a breathtaking and unforgettable experience that includes the use of special suits to survive in the ruins, a “ticket to ride” the Lightning Rail, amazing discoveries in Cannith laboratories including unique items, and above all, three final bosses, each with their own personality, background and interests. These are not generic, faceless opponents, but characters whose moral alignment cannot be measured with an ethical “good or bad” thermometer. The adventure relies on the DM’s storytelling’s potential: don’t be shy! Everything has been properly explained in such a way that even if the DM is not very experienced he is still able to run the adventure without any problem.

The document consists of 76 pages (including the cover) but the story itself can be completed in 8 hr of play or less, however, and since the events are of an abstract nature, the DM can lengthen the story as it sees fit. Homebrewing options are welcome, and it is even possible to adjust the difficulty. Anyhow, I’d strongly recommend the DM to read the story before running it.

I had a lot of fun writing it, but above all, it drew all my focusing capacity, dedication and love to fulfill my own expectations, something I achieved. It took me exactly one month. I’m proud of my work, and also of the fact that the most important RPG guild in the world gives me this opportunity. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve made it. 

Eberron: Lights from the AshesPrice: $7.95