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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Eberron Gothic: Curse of the Thornwood

Eberron Gothic: Curse of the Thornwood is an intricate, character-driven mystery set against the sins of the past. 

On a journey to Arythawn Keep at the edge of the Mournland, the adventurers stop for the evening in the Thranish village of Brightdawn where they discover that there are dark secrets hidden in the wilds nearby. . .

Curse of the Thornwood is an adventure that uses a lot of things I love about Eberron and weaves it into a type of story that feels grounded in the setting, but doesn’t resort to being set in Sharn or having a lightning rail or airship show up to get that fact across, which is super refreshing. It’s an investigation where the influence of other planes and the weight of history is strongly felt, and does a great job of painting a picture of a rural village that stands on the edge of a creepy forest and across the river from the fricking Mournland (I am especially reminded of the scene on [LOCATION REDACTED], where we had our showdown with [NAME REDACTED]—that description was amazingly evocative).

—Dylan Ramsey, playtester

This is not a one-shot: It is expected that it will take most groups at least four sessions to complete. This is a Tier 2 adventure optimized for 4-6 5th level characters, but each encounter includes notes on how to increase or decrease the difficulty level for parties of different power levels. The adventure document is fully bookmarked and internally hyperlinked for ease of use.

The adventure includes:

  • 13 new monsters with full stat blocks
  • Over a dozen NPCs with backgrounds, personality traits, and stat blocks
  • 6 new magic items and a new spell
  • A well-developed village in rural Thrane with details on dozens of residents
  • 11 full-color maps suitable for use with virtual tabletops—each map comes in both a gridded and gridless version

sample pagesample page

sample pagesample page with NPC


Eberron Gothic: Curse of the ThornwoodPrice: $9.95