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The 5.1e project is an attempt to make additions and changes to the core 5th Edition ruleset that can be implemented quickly and easily with no conflicts with any existing content, including other homebrew. Extensive explanations have been provided so that a DM interested in the content can better understand the intent behind the designs. This is both to prevent thoughtless changes and to help support thoughtful ones.

Not a Fix

This patch content is not meant to imply that the core rules in 5e are broken or in desperate need of my repairs. It addresses a number of issues that can arise in certain cases, and attempts to shift the player decisions and core tensions more in the direction that they’re already headed in 5e.


There’s enough content in this patch to cover a lot of your needs. Whether you’re a new DM overwhelmed by what rules you should add, or an experienced one who wants content that will help them run the game more smoothly by solving some common issues DMs may face, there’s something in this document for you. The core changes are designed to be simple and straight-forward (though a few growing pains are unavoidable), without altering the underlying feel that 5e already has. 

The optional changes provide a number of different rules that can be applied piecemeal as you like — maybe a player is interested in a feat but finds it an unattractive option compared to Ability Score Improvement, or maybe you want to give players some kind of bonuses but don’t know what to give them. You can easily take only a single feat from the optiona changes, or a single Ancillary Skill to apply (you could even turn some of them into magic items).

As a result, the core changes should cover most of your house-rule needs (barring anything that’s highly specific to your table or game), while the option changes provide you with a large number of alternatives or additional options to apply wherever you see fit.

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