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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Green Bird RPGS returns with the frozen adventure of Dûnan’s Forge, set in the icy lands around Icewind Dale. In this mystery you’re tasked with exploring the aftermath of a magical battle at Dûnan’s Forge, where a reclusive artisan was crafted his masterpiece.

Brave snow, shadowy mages, somewhat-sentient golems and even The Kraken Society to recover truth and plunder from a snowbound abode. 

Dûnan’s Forge is a self-sufficient adventure best fit for a party of levels 2 to 4 adventurers. It comes with the following:

  • All you need to play a one-shot adventure around Icewind Dale or any other setting, complete with stat blocks for all of our characters.
  • Four adventure hooks to get you started on finding the forge.
  • One new item – Dûnan’s Mithril Armour, the final masterpiece of Dûnan – you could say he really put a lot of himself into it.
  • A number of hand-drawn illustrations, including the map of the forge.
  • Dwarves, magical explosions, salty assassins, sentient armor and more!

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Dûnan’s ForgePrice: $1.99