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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Drag & Drop: NPC Options – Unusual Creatures #3


From a retired mercenary raised up for the sake of vengeance to a fey spirit and a master of unarmed combat, this book contains powerful NPCs and Immortal characters for use in your own D&D games. Quest givers, villains, powerful monsters your party can fight, this book has it all!

Artlords Stories 

Once upon a time, we had a dream. We wanted to build a community of digital artists and bring together the art they created. One of our approaches was to create a context for the art. A story, a character, a concept… Something the audiences could sink their teeth into. Our goal was to always elevate the art, make people go beyond simply glancing at an artist’s study and moving on. We wanted to mark them.

One way to do so was to dwelve with gamers. Several of our articles dabble in ideas and concepts for tabletop, RPG gaming. Things like “5 Adventure Hooks inspired by digital artwork” and the like. We decided, why not fully realize that dream?

The booklet you know hold is part of a larger dream. We want you to play, to think, to feel, to delve deep into the digital art we curated for you.

Drag & Drop: NPC Options - Unusual Creatures #3Price: $0.99