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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

All the classical Heroes of Africa and one Aztec warrior type. These heroes even come with native spells and a map to describe a fantasy land that suits them perfectly (Gwandwana) which is a Terra Icoginta between Faerun and Zakhara. There is the fearless Jaguar Warrior; somewhat of a mix between a totem warrior and a berserker. There is the Silent Ushtabi Guardians, Arcane paladins who protect the people from pyramids and powerful Djinn. The Medjey; deadly bounty hunter who are given reign to slay the enemies of the pharaoh both mundane and magical. The Magic bending Arch-Magus, who can cast spells like a wizard but still utilize spontaneous and blended magic from his signature domain. Finally the Voodun Preistess, able to drain enemies of life and heal her allies or sacrifice the undead to add boons to her party. 

DND 5e Heroes of African FolklorePrice: $2.00