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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

All dice work the same, but some have a lot more attitude than others.  The box you carry your dice in can say a lot about you.  For example, one with a celtic-looking weave thing was fine when your monk was second level, but now that he is eighth level with under 6% body fat, he’s really got his life together and deserves some upgrades for everything and a well-earned chance to show off those fantasy abs. 

Our Dice Vaults are the perfect way to showcase your traveling set, or spark joy with part of your precious horde.  Each vault comes with fantasy artwork that goes beyond what you see in carved wooden boxes.  Or, copy and edit the source files with your own art and words.  Optional padding and magnetic closures make them a snug and safe home.  The sheath adds another layer of art and security.


  • Inner dimensions: 4.4 inches by 2.3 inches

  • Wrap-around cover, plus slide-on sheath

  • Select from the included art or customize with your own

  • Optionally, secure with flexible magnetic tape for a satisfying click

  • Optionally, pad with foam or felt for a softer home for your dice, or use ridges to separate dice

Game Night Advantages

  • Build party loyalty by making matching dice vaults as gifts for everyone.
  • Make a dice vault that fits your dice and your personality.
  • Store your dice collection in organized style.
  • They are for more than dice.  Use these boxes to add some RPG style to your real life small items.

Dice vaults Dice vaults Dice vaults Dice vaults Dice vault animation

The instructions are the same as our 5 by 1 dice vault size:

Dice vault instructions

Art with attitude
Helps dice sleep soundly and then
Awaken to roll

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Dice Vaults 4 by 2 with Character ArtPrice: $2.00