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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Out of the Dark Woods” is an adventure Adventure League legal for the season 10, made with Dungeoncraft – Plagues of the Ancient, and based on “Out of the woods”.

This adventure is made for Tiers 2 characters, optimized for five sixth level characters.

“Since a few weeks, the village of Lonelywoods is suffering some gnolls attacks. In an attempt to stop them, the characters will be send in the deepness of a nightmarish maze, built by a crazy necromancer. How to find a way out of 5042 possibilities ? Quick ! You only got a few hours…”

Warning, this adventure is dark horror themed, so is not “family friendly”. You may ressent disgust, pity, fear and horror, as your characters explore a very frightening dungeon ! You will have to handle fights, roleplay interactions, riddle to solve, and some really tense situation ! But if you are not easily scared, and you love horror movies, then this adventure is made for you.

Also, if you are a game master who never killed some player’s character, but dreams about it, then this game is for you !

(You will find the PDF in a printable version and in a editable version, the 9 maps and the 7 hand-outs all in JPEG format)

DC-PoA "Out of the Dark Woods"Price: $5.95