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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

An icewind kobold ran away from his friends in Caer-Dineval, stealing a pair of boots and a map leading to a dragon culsts’ den. Will a group of adventurers save him, or will he find that he is in over his head?

A 2 Hour Adventure For 1st through 4th level Characters

This adventure occurs in Caer-Dineval, one of the Ten-Towns in Icewind Dale., and is based on the Twice Bitten, Ice Shy hook from the Dungeoncraft program. Only Season 10 Characters may earn rewards from this adventure if following Adventurers League rules.

About the author:
Adrian Francisco is a musician, dungeon master, and event organizer based in Washington, DC. He can be reached on Twitter at @adri_dcdm

DC-PoA-DCAF05 Head In The CloudsPrice: $3.00