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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Looking for a holiday module? This is a mash of A Christmas Carol, Home Alone and Die Hard, all with the overhanging theme of Scandinavian folklore. 

While preparing for Midwinter Celebrations, something does not feel completely right.
Welcome to the mythical world of Icewind Dale’s folklore.

A Four-Hour Adventure for Tier Two Characters. Optimized for APL 8.


  • A module filled with folklore, history and traditions
  • Suggestions on adjustments to run as a two-hour adventure
  • Digital maps
  • Cookbook (will be added in a later update)

This is a Dungeoncraft Adventure that uses the “Caravanning!” adventure seed and is Adventurers League legal as part of the Season 10- Plague of Ancients campaign, as well as fully playable in a homebrew game.

Features some Oar’s Rest-characters and Thorbjørnsgaard Farm (which will re-appear in later modules).

DC-PoA-CONMAR-04 - Midwinter CelebrationsPrice: $4.99