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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

It’s time to hit the road with Custom CartsFrom great traveling performers to humble farmers moving crops, carts and other land vehicles play an important role in any fantasy setting. There are always adventurers with treasure to carry and trophies to display from their exploits.

Custom Carts allows players to transform their mundane vehicles into miraculous ones by hunting down different creatures and using their parts as the raw ingredients for fantastical Vehicle Upgrades.

Vehicle Upgrades are extremely modular, so players can swap them out on the road in order to make their vehicle truly all-terrain. Players can also use these rules to develop their vehicle alongside their adventures, reflecting their hard won battles.

Inside this document, you will find:

Rules for customizing any land vehicle with magical Vehicle Upgrades
Over 50 unique Vehicle Upgrades to mix and match, each inspired by different types of monsters that adventurers will encounter in their career
Simple step-by-step instructions for crafting Vehicle Upgrades and installing them onto vehicles

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