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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A campaign setting specifically designed for use in a group where inconsistent attendance creates storyline issues.

There’s an old DM saying that scheduling conflicts have killed more parties than dragons!

I’ve been playing Dungeons and Dragons for over 40 years.  The world of Crest was an AD&D campaign setting I designed when I was in high school, and one in which my friends and I played for years.  In this campaign world, my AD&D characters became kings, queens, and conquerors. One had even become a demi-god!

In a more recent campaign, I was faced with a new challenge as Dungeon Master.  I had a group of about a dozen players who wanted to be in the campaign, but could usually get no more than four to six of them at any given session.  The inconsistency in attendance forced me into doing one-off sessions, but since many of my players were new I didn’t want them to lose the sense of an ongoing campaign. 

I decided to seek an in-world storyline that would justify the differing party size and attendees, while still maintaining that sense of playing a campaign.  To that end, I resurrected my old campaign world and my old characters.  The new Crest campaign setting was born.

This item is Try Before You Buy. Please download it for free to check it out. If you decide to use it, please return to Pay What You Want. As a DM, I undertsand not wanting to pay before you see what’s inside, but I hope you’ll understand that I can’t keep creating them if no one ever comes back to pay.

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