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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A smoldering ruin of an estate, locked in time, filled with trapped souls and a mysterious old woman who knows more than she will say. Can the adventurers unravel the mystery and set the souls free, or will they be doomed to relive that fiery night over and over again?

This one-shot adventure is interaction-heavy and can be easily modified to suit various party sizes and levels. It is written for a party of 2-6 players with level 3-6 characters. To run this adventure, you should have an understanding of the D&D fifth edition core rulebooks. Creatures described in the Monster Manual and Magic Items found in the DMG will be referenced in bold. Customized creatures or items will be found in the appendix. Major NPCs will have their names in italics to clarify their interactions.

What you get:

  • Fantasy Grounds module with maps, tokens, tables with items, and descriptions

  • PDF Adventure with color maps and artwork

  • Printer-friendly document

  • Full color digital maps

Corwood Manor (Fantasy Grounds + PDF Bundle)Price: $4.99