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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Oh, no! Something’s wrong in the toy factory! Santa has been bamboozled, and his workshop is overrun with frosty foes, wintry wrongdoers, and North Pole ne’er-do-wells.

A team of Santa’s elves manage to escape the workshop warzone and recruit a party of adventurers to go take back toyland.   

Can our heroes muster enough cheer and joy to make sure all the good girls and boys get their holiday gifts? Or will everyone forever get stockings full of coal…whether they’re on the Naughty List or Nice? 


I originally conceived and wrote “Claus for Concern” as a holiday bonus for subscribers of the Geek to Geek Media Patreon as a companion to the holiday issue of our gaming magazine PRESS START. I thought it was too much fun not to put on DMs Guild, too. So I really hope y’all enjoy!

I would love to hear your thoughts on it! Happy holidays, everyone!


This particular one-shot could go very well in any arctic campaign as a side-story, and worked in particularly easily with Rime of the Frosmaiden

Claus for Concern: A Holiday One-ShotPrice: $4.99