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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Finding peace in the certainty of death, Circle of Death druids seek to ease the burden of others dealing with their fear of mortality. They seek to dispel the myth that death is the end and that it is a beautiful continuation of the never-ending cycle of life. They tend to be quite solitary and thus don’t really form a “circle” breaking the mold of the classical druid. In fact, some of those that follow this path were previously clerics. This hodgepodge of beliefs presents itself in each Circle of Death druid being quite unique. The over arching philosophy holds firm though, that death is not to be feared but celebrated and embraced.

Circle of Death druids view death as merely a stepping stone to some new form of life. When a life ends, the body returns to the earth to give life to another. A carrion may feed on the flesh, wolf pups may chew on the bones, and the fungi will gladly consume the scraps.

One might think that because of this, they would find necromancy to be an abomination and this view changes from druid to druid. For some there is nothing wrong with the raising of the dead as the body is no longer being used and if it can be useful it should. For others once a body loses its lifeforce it should be left to nature to be used. Most fall somewhere in between, with their being a time and place for both views depending on their particular alignment.

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