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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

British Raj: A Masque of the Red Death Guide to British India

REQURIES: MASQUE OF THE RED DEATH PLAYERS GUIDE by Jeremy Forbing to fully utilize all the rules within.  Modifications and tweaks can be made with some work to use for traditional D&D 5e games.  This book can be download on the DMs Guild website.



New Optional Possession Madness Rule.

Discussion on Genies and Rakshasas in Gothic Earth

4 New Monsters: bhuta, jhinjhar, pisacha and vetala

3 New Villiains of Gothic India


2 New Skills: Market and Sports

4 New Archetypes: Ascetic, Frontier Warrior, Raja and Sepoy

5 New Martial Disciplines: Guerilla Warrior, Martial Artist, Mysorean Rocketeer, Parthian Shot and Skirmisher.

8 New Forbidden Lore Fragments:  Ascetic Devotion, Chakra Mastery, Evil Eye, Exorcist, Hijra Fertility Blessing, Indian Rope Trick, Tharman Kya (Tiger Spirit), Voluntary Spirit Possession.

7 New Sleuth Specialist Techniques: Eunuch, Indian Civil Service Agent, Lascar, Mahout, Moonshi, Pundit and Zemindar.

3 New Spells: Avert Evil Eye, Exorcism and Heart Rip.


4 New Qabals: Nine Unknown Men, Parmahansa Mandali, Theological Society and Thuggee.  Brief discussion of the Vistani.

A brief Gazetteer tour of Indian under the British Raj, including secrets and lore.

5 Adventures in Gazetteer.

A Glossary full of Indian and Anglo-Indian terms used in British India.

2 New Magic Items in Gothic India.


A discussion about role-playing respectfully in Indian culture.

New Optional rules called: Social Tension Levels

A brief discussion of Hijra; the Third gender in India.

A brief overview on caste and religion throughout India.

A Discussion of 3 Styles of play supported by this product: Historical, Masque and Fantasy India.

100 Trinkets of British India table.

Equipment and Gear of India

10 New Weapons of India; including the Mysorean Rocket and the infamous Bagh Nakh (Tiger Claws).

A Brief Discussion on the Whose who of Gothic India.



British Raj: A Masque of the Red Death Guide to British IndiaPrice: $5.00