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Hi guys. New user here. Just wanted to share some of the stuff we used to play around with in our campaign. Our group, myself included, was mostly composed of new players that only started playing in 5th edition and we had some wacky, crazy fun using, or sometimes facing some of my creations here.

Now, none of these have been tested outside of our home game. But I still wanted to share these, with the main goal of inspiring others. I think there are some interesting concepts in these and I am very much looking forward to what the community does with these sparks of ideas that I provide here.

This pack will be the first of three, and will include subclass options for barbarian,  bard, cleric and rogue. I hope you can look past my novice mistakes in making these and have some goofy fun with these options.

Lastly, I will make all releases pay what you want, because like I said, the main goal is to share these stuff that we had fun with. But to those with the means, any amount of support will be appreciated. See, I come from the Philippines and the pandemic and recent typhoons really hit me hard. We have a small street food stall business but things really hasn’t been the same since everything that happened this year. I would really appreciate any support and any amount would help a lot towards getting my family back on its feet. So to those that can spare a few bucks to help out, I would be eternally grateful.  But it isn’t at all necessary, I hope you have fun and mess around with these creations of mine no matter what.

Finally, to those with suggestions,  like I said, none of these are tested or balanced so I really am excited to see where people go with these classes. I hope you guys at least like the concept behind them and hopefully, spark more adventures or ideas of your own.

Btw, all of these were made using thehomebrewery, and all art came from the art resources here in dmsguild, or produced using apps like fabrica de heroes and logo maker and canva. I certainly do not have any means to make anything of my own or anything official and I shall probably be using such resources for my next releases as well.

Bones of the Endless Class pack IPrice: $1.00