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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


This manual is a rule-option guide to specialty armor and weapons for the Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Role-playig game system. Inside, you will find all the information you need detailing armor and weapon rules regarding items crafted from exotic materials, from the mundane and primitive, to the mysterious and mystical. Now, your fantasy hero can enter the furious fray, wielding anything from a caveman’s bone-club to a shimmering blade forged of Starmetal! This manual is divided into four distinct chapters, as follows.

Weapon Crafting Materials
This section details the many different types of materials both mundane and exotic, that may be employed to craft implements of combat for your campaign, including full rules regarding armor and weapon durability and breakage.

New Armor & Weapons 
Here you will find a selection of arms and armor for use in your campaign, from the primitive stone weapons of a neanderthal tribesman, to the spiked bone shield of a lizardman barbarian, this section covers armor and weapons used by various humanoid races in the D&D fantasy realms, as well as historical arms from our own world employed by warriors of ages past.

New Enchanted Items
An impressive array of enchanted armor, weapons, and specialty gear from the four corners of the fantasy realms, ranging from the Armor of Mithril Hall, to the Sacred Blade of the Snake-God, this section showcases various low, mid, and legendary tier items for your campaign.

New Feats
A listing of new feats at your fantasy hero’s disposal, emphasizing on a new type of feat (Battle Style) sure to help your character dominate the battlefield!

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