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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild


Blood Secrets is a 3-5 hour adventure with mystery and intrigue for 1st-4th level characters.

Strange lights in the night herald the return of an ancient threat.  

Can you discover the secret of Songsteel Manor before it’s too late?

Inside Blood Secrets, you’ll find:

  • A mystery-baes adventure.
  • A setting-neutral proposal, placed by default in Ten Towns (Rime of the Frostmaiden).
  • Scaling guidelines for Average Party Level (APL)
  • An appendix with detailed information about each NPC
  • Two new items (Blood extraction glove and Manual of Stone Vampire)
  • A new creature (Stone Vampire)
  • Digital maps for each area with a printer friendly version

Adventure background & hook

During the last nights, the neighbors of the town have begun to see strange green lights near a cursed huge estate on the outskirts. Rumors have spreaded about the return of Lady Songsteel, the last owner of the estate and a fearsome vampire killed years ago. The characters travel to the town to meet with a local cleric, an old friend,  who has written to them personally asking for help. Then, something terrible happens in the town.

Blood SecretsPrice: $1.95