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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Take a sad song and make it better.” (The Beatles)

No, scratch that, the philosophy of the College of Doom is to take a sad song, and make it worse. Make them cry…again…harder. 

So what if no one wants to book your for their kids’ birthday party or their cousin’s fancy wedding. You are no musical mercenary! You are no toss-a-coin-in-the-hat-please street busker. No! You are a prophet. A prophet of doom.

You have seen how she will be murdered by her daughter. You have seen how he will starve to death on the streets of Waterdeep. You have seen how they will run and leave their friends to a gruesome fate in that dungeon. Your foresight is a curse. Yet, somehow, you twist these terrible truths into trembling melodies. And, yes, it may not be to everyone’s taste. But there are a bunch of greasy-haired teenagers in dark clothes that seem to dig your depressing vibe.

Check out the previews to see how you can:

Give your companions the chance to roll on the Doomsday table – their skin hardening with rigor mortis, or growing the wings of the angel of death herself.
Give a gut-wrenching performance that causes your enemies to give up the will to live…or at least fight.
Distract your opponents by creating an ominous vision of the ace or spades, a black cat or the grim reaper himself.

This subclass would be great for any player with a taste for all things morbid and mouldy. But I think it would be particularly awesome in that Domain of Dread that is Ravenloft! I suspect Strahd would love to keep you for one more sad song of unrequited love and betrayal.

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