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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

“Life’s a game, darling. It’s not fair, it’s not kind, but it does have rules — and I play it better than you.” – Raz Whitlock

Go undercover in the seedy underbelly of the city’s wealthy and corrupt in this one-shot adventure ready to slot in to your standing Forgotten Realms campaign, or any setting.

This level 5 one-shot adventure for three to five players includes:

Four new stat blocks for Guild rogues and bruisers
Two magic items built for intrigue and control
Six deadly cocktails for daring adventurers
Three original battle maps created with Inkarnate PRO
Three clever adventure hooks to motivate your party
Full-color stylized PDF (compatible with Adobe Acrobat PDF reader)
Full-color stylized EPUB
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In the fog-shrouded city of Baldur’s Gate, an up-and-coming Guild assassin has begun swallowing up their competitors and amassing unprecedented power. To root out corruption (or seed it deeper), the adventurers must infiltrate an opulent underground fighting ring to uncover what treasures and secrets might be hiding beneath. But intrigues and plots are afoot, and it is all too easy to wind up ground to dust under the boots of the powerful.

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