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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Transcribed from manuscripts found deep within the earth, this volume stands as an account of the paragons of abnormal virtues. Ruthlessness, madness, and devotion. 

Those that wish to embody these divergent ways of thought need only pry further into these pages.

Within you shall find 6 New archetypes for existing 5th edition classes.

Such as: 

The Myriad Faces, disguise and illusion are the gifts granted to its Warlocks.

The School of Scars, wizard training that might expand your spell selection in a more…permanent manner.

The Way of the Endless, immortality is just down the river. At least, for those Monks willing to brave it.

The ImVE’LAEsAEhd, the degradation of mind, embraced by the most experienced of Fighters.

The Path of contact, a disease that calls to its Barbarian host for SOUND UNENDING! 

And finally,

The Circle of the New Moon, transfiguration of a Druid’s mind, as opposed to their body.

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