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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This book contains a new archetype for each of the 13 core classes.  Offering new options for players who want something a bit different, the options are tonally neutral for the most part and should fit in with most games.  New archetypes include:

-The College of the Puppetmaster Bard:  Animating objects and even making others dance at the end of arcane strings

-Circle of Prey Druid:  Focused on speed and senses, this druid puts survival above all

-Thorn-Host Ranger:  A plant based warrior that brings a bit of the forest with them wherever they go.

-Smokestrider Rogue:  At home in the obscured atmospheres, the Smokestrider disappearing into a puff of smoke is the least of your worries.

-Inkslinger:  Wizards who wear their spell books in a series of ornate tattoos, Inkslingers are hardier than their bookish colleagues

and more.

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