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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Arcane Tradition: The Storyweaver 

There are few wizards whose ability to spin tales out of imagination brings them to life. A Storyweaver is one who weaves spells into fairy tales, myths, and legends. 

This rare arcane tradition encrypts spells betwixt the words of fantastical tales. These wizards collect fables, folklore and fairytales into Storybooks that act as their Spellbooks. These spellbooks appear to be a collection of stories to anyone but the storyweaver.  

Storyweaver wizards are similar to Bards in that they can regale crowds with amazing tales of adventures and cast spells, however, a Storyweaver Wizard specializes in the blend of evocation and illusion. A magical tradition that empowers narrative storytelling with arcane energy.

Arcane Tradition:The StoryweaverPrice: $2.00