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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Hot, dark and energizing, kaff is the drink of choice of sophisticated city folk, curious wizards and gnomish inventors alike. Aqin’s Kaff stand allows you to bring it to any locale, adding some delicious flavour to your settings.

For the more astute customer, kaff is not the only thing available at Aqin’s stand. His parrot Chew has learned a few words in the common tongue, and is now using his newfound vocabulary to spout scandalous rumours. Some of them are even true!

So, while a tavern might be the usual place to meet for a new adventure, why not start your next quest by meeting up in a kaff queue at Aqin’s?


  • A menu of five types of kaff, fit for most palates. 

  • A table of thirty rumours – some might cause a stir, others embarrassment, a few could lead to the start of a new adventure!

  • Aqin’s cart is movable! This allows him to be added to nearly every city and town. You could even stumble upon him on the roadside!

Thank you for checking out our work. If you’re looking for more, feel free to pair Aqin’s Kaff Stand with the following:

The Beermarket of Weirgarde is a wintery festival. His fellow dwarves might take some convincing to try kaff, but Aqin is up for the challenge –

Dûnan’s Forge, our Icewind Dale inspired adventure, could use a warm kaff salesman. Add some rumors of the forge to spice up the stakes in this one! –

On a Midsummer night, beer might be the drink of choice. Hired by hosts, Aqin’s work and his parrot can be appreciated by all manner of revelers. Just don’t let Chew be kidnapped by the fae! –

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