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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Amongst Thou

The party has just completed an important part of their quest and are looking to move quickly to their next destination. They’ve hired a local airship captain to sail them to their stop. The takeoff is smooth enough, and the ship glides effortlessly through the clouds, until something goes wrong. The ship stops suddenly with a violent jerk. The captain assembles the party to let them know that the airship is temporarily out of commission, and that he will need their help to get it up and running as quickly as possible. But something in his tone of voice, something in his demeanour, appears for a moment that hints at a more sinister reason for the airship’s sudden halt. He quickly assigns tasks to each of the adventurers and encourages them to complete them promptly. As they rush off to complete their jobs, he sits down and takes a long sip of whiskey from a flask. “Not again,” he whispers to himself. “I can’t believe I picked up one of THEM again.”

Urgent Assembly

Amongst Thou is an intense one-shot Dungeons & Dragons experience where the players try to determine who among them is not who they claim to be. One of the players will be randomly selected to play as the “Deceiver”, a character who looks and sounds like the player character, but is actually an evil creature in disguise who is looking to murder (and maybe even eat!) the others. Initially, the characters do not know that a deadly murderer walks among them. However, as they discover obvious clues – like dead bodies or sabotaged portions of the airship – they begin to figure it out. Once they realize there is a murderer among them, they must try and determine which one of them it is.

This product includes:

  • Rules and mechanics for playing a unique game mode in your Dungeon & Dragons game.
  • Tips on how to run this game mode in both online and in person games.
  • An original map (including a VTT version) of the airship.
  • 8 original tokens representing 8 different character classes.
  • A new magical item to be awarded to the winner of the game.

Amongst ThouPrice: $3.95