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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

In another great addition to my mini-campaigns, this is Abandoned Sins.  It is a dungeon-crawl module designed for three Level 1 Adventurers, and they will level up by the end (if they confront every NPC).

“The Party has booked passage on a ship going through the Nelanther Isles.  They dock at an island named Youra for supplies, and the local half-orc mayor has a job for the Adventurers.  There’s a myth on the island that the cursed soul of an old dead pirate is destined to return to this world, and he wants them to camp out in the old church and graveyard for the night.  To him, there is no danger, but it would make the locals feel better.

“But as the night continues, the blocked doors of the church magically open.  Do the Adventurers dare to walk in and confront the evil spirit known in lafe as Captain Kuhroza Goldtooth; a known worshiper of Orcus?”

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