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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A single illuminated window on the front gable of a wooden building casts a yellow beam of light below the image's point of view. Black silhouettes of tree trunks sit in both the foreground and background against a dark blue night sky.“A Night at Dry Creek,” written in a jagged yellow script, sits to the left of the roofline.

The Sheldon family have owned and operated the Dry Creek Roadhouse since time immemorable, serving the lost and weary travelers who have been unknowingly swallowed by the mists of Ravenloft. Hidden beneath the facade of this eccentric yet hospital family lies a dark devotion to the insatiable entity living in their cellar…

“A Night at Dry Creek” is a 4-6 hour Horror adventure for 3-6 players at level 3. Designed to be played in a single session, but may also be incorporated into a longer campaign. 

Includes two useable battlemaps (gridded and ungridded) as well as an Accessible copy.

A Night at Dry CreekPrice: $2.99