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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A Night at Dry Creek

The Sheldon family have owned and operated the Dry Creek Roadhouse since time immemorable, serving the lost and weary travelers who have been unknowingly swallowed by the mists of Ravenloft. Hidden beneath the facade of this eccentric yet hospital family, however, lies a dark devotion to the insatiable entity living in their cellar…

Dive into this 4-6 hour Horror adventure for 3-6 players! The module is designed for 3rd level characters and to be played in a single session, but may also be incorporated into a longer campaign. 

Also includes two playable battlemaps (both gridded and ungridded) as well as an Accessible copy of the adventure.

Image is a view of the front of a single gabled wooden building at night through the dark outlines of barren tree trunks. A single window – on the front face of the gable – is illuminated, casting a misty yellow beam of light down to the forest floor below. Standing alone where the light meets the ground is the silhouetted profile of a young girl in a dress, looking back up at the building in front of her. “A Night at Dry Creek,” written in a jagged yellow script, sits to the left of the roofline. Centered in the darkness at the bottom of the page is the subtitle, in a plainer off-white font, reading: “A one-shot adventure of hospitality horror for level 3 characters.” To the right of those words is the square DM’s Guild logo, featuring a black and red background and dominated by a white “&” symbol, fashioned like a dragon breathing fire. The word “Guild,” also in white, sits with the “G” nestled in the upper loop of the “&” symbol.Image of a page of the adventure, including a labeled map of the Roadhouse and its key.Image of a page of text from the adventure.

Content Warning: Birds, a family in peril, demonic servitude, mild gore, and a reference to the death of a family.

A Night at Dry CreekPrice: $2.99