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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A crest with a calligraphic T in the center. A needle is threaded through the T and there's a thimble below the T. Around the borders of the crest are stitches.

A Mischievous Mess

A 2-4 hour roleplay-centric mystery adventure! Perfect for levels 1-3 and fun for the whole family!

The party arrives at Thimblepin Manor, where one of the homeowners, Bartholomew Thimblepin has a huge problem: he’s being haunted by a poltergeist! Furniture has been moving slightly when no one was in the room. Keys have gone missing. The blackberries spoil as soon as they’re picked. To top it all off, the beloved dog, Georgie, has developed an unexplainable limp. The only explanation is that there must be a malevolent spirit haunting the halls.

Bartholomew needs your help to sort this mess out before his husband returns from his business trip in a couple of days. He can’t have his beloved returning to a cursed home!

Your Purchase Includes:

  • Full-color, 23-page PDF
  • new Monster Statblocks
  • ZIP file with DM & player versions of maps
  • More coming soon!
This adventure features a messy house, a grumpy gardener, and two new monsters inspired by the Spiderwick series!
A tiny house backed up against tree roots. There's smoke coming out of the chimney.
A Mischievous Mess has artwork by Cita A F (@dancingberry) and maps by Alex “Bones” Niederberger (@soundsofbones).
Be sure to follow H.R. Bumga (@hrbumga) on Twitter for updates and more!

Content Warning: contains birds & spirits (in the form of will-o’-wisps).

A Mischievous MessPrice: $4.99