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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

Hatred overwhelms you. Loneliness consumes you. Undeath becomes you.

You would think that people would stay clear of a place called ‘The Fields of the Dead’. However, the name refers to events long forgotten by the public, and people are industrious. Folk will go wherever land is unclaimed. New roads are carved across The Fields. One crossroads has recently become a focus of concern. Whilst most travelers journey to and fro without harm, some merchant parties and caravans have not reached their destination. 

This adventure lasts for a mimimum of 3 hours, with extra encounters and events to last twice that long if desired. The module is designed for a group of four level 8 characters, with guidance on how to scale the challenge up or down.

This is an adventure that takes place around a single location. The investigation of the Crossroads will lead the party into a nest of undead, a lonely, monstrous creature looking to snatch them into the surrounding forest, and the malicious spirit of a giant, whose aura of hatred infects those that linger too long.

All the stats, maps and handouts you will need for this horror-filled, harrowing adventure are contained within. The adventure can be easily transferred into your own campaign, or to a different place in Faerun.

Have a Great Adventure, and a Happy Halloween!

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