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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

This supplement brings together the various official magic rune concepts throughout fifth edition publications, tying them into one usable document.

Written for both players and Dungeon Masters, the goal of this document is to provide a cohesive reference that enables more player interaction with runes, allows for easier DM implementation, and brings more flavor and options to the table. It can be used in whole or in part.

This document is divided into several sections:

  • The Rules. In order to consolidate the various magic rune material currently present in fifth edition, a few concepts and variant rules are being introduced to bring everything together. These are effectively the threads that allow for a coordinated approach to rune magic.
  • Runic Spell Runes. This section addresses creating magic runes that hold a single spell. It expands on the concept of the symbol spell.
  • Giantkind Runes. This section addresses magic runes commonly used by giants. It consolidates the effects of the various giantkind runes into one place and lays out the process of using those runes to enchant items.
  • Giantkind Command Runes. These are not currently inscribable by player characters but added as a DM resource.
  • Wild Runes. These are homebrew runes based on the effects of existing magical items.

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