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Publisher: Dungeon Masters Guild

A Caravance Carol: a Fey Adventure for Christmas

The rivalry between the Old Carvas and Krampus reaches a climax when a grumpy old gnome turns the balance between good and evil deeds in favor of Krampus, allowing the sinister archfey to take over the Candy Throne! It is up to the characters and some Old Carvas’ helpers to teach a lesson to the greedy Eberdeb Stooge and save Caravance!

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“There are many fun and silly holiday adventures, which wre perfectly splendid, but this actually puts you in the centre of the story with the power to influence it, tell it and teach Stooge the meaning of the Holidays in your own way!” 
– Curse of Sebs


  • A 4-hour adventure for three to five characters to celebrate Christmas! 
  • This adventure will have the characters meddling in the affairs of two powerful archfey, meeting Old Carvas mythical cabin and interacting with his little Helpers.
  • It showcases a variation of the Plot Points rules presented in the Dungeon Master’s Guide. On the third and final act of this adventure, the characters will interfere on the dreams of Stooge, changing the scenes in order to tell a better story and scare the gnome. 
  • As a Christmas story, this adventure is focused in roleplaying and finding creative solutions. It presents almost no combat and can be played by a party of any level with some minor adjustements.
  • Containts some beautyful original illustrations to portray some of the characters.
  • A “Charles Dickens Remix” is included, whith read aloud boxes written in third person and past tense simulating being part of a fairy tale. It also changes the NPC names to be the ones from the original story.
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A Caravance Carol: A Fey Adventure for ChristmasPrice: $3.95